“Valerie, coming to your place, being held accountable for my thoughts and looking deeply into my own looking glass, has been the most valuable lesson for me.  It will forever be impossible for me to objectify my own body, or my worth and value as a woman. Thanks for helping  me find my true self, loving my body as it is and honoring my power and spirit.” • Shanti, 38

“I felt alone in my pain and suffering before I came to see you. I pretty much had lost control of myself through, drinking, drugs and being reckless with my life and relationships.  I played the bad boy and that’s all anyone could see.  Until we began our work together that’s all I could see. These past two years, I have learned about myself, my process and that my life matters. Thank you for being there.” • Eric, 23

“Valerie I am so fortunate that I found your web site.  It took me three months to gather the courage to call and set an appointment. I have to say that anything might have scared me away, but from the initial call to the first visit you made it easy and helpful, you’ve always managed to say the right thing at the perfect time.  Thinking back to that first session I was so nervous, but my experience was both healing and insightful. Most important was the trust and safety I felt through out the journey, I will carry that with me always!” • Moraa, 36

“In my family seeking help from outsiders is simply not done. I have had a few experiences, seeking help in crisis situations, but only to deal with the immediate. I finally decided that it was time to find a different path, I wanted to live without constant guilt and anger. I am so grateful for the experience because I needed tools, which allowed me choice and to own my power. Thanks to our work together I feel better and have more confidence. Gracias” • Bertha, 42

“Life was so confusing, trying to get it all right, being brave when all I felt was fear and anxiety, why was life so hard?  I couldn’t even sleep. I tried medications other therapies, but it did little to help and I left feeling hopeless. Hypnotherapy, with Valerie’s guidance was the breakthrough I was looking for. I leave you moving forward.” • Keith, 33

Valerie V. Veza

Psychotherapist & Certified Hypnotherapist

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