Valerie V. Veza

Psychotherapist & Certified Hypnotherapist

License #25673

Phone:     510.832.1288

Office:     154 Santa Clara Ave.#1 | Suite #5

                  Oakland, California 94610



Psychotherapist/ Hypnotherapist In Oakland

Background & Approach

My approach to therapy is via transpersonal psychology that supports intuitive, spiritual & transcendent states of consciousness.

Clinical Social Work, Hypnotherapy, Buddhist Philosophy and Mediation, round out my knowledge base—providing a blended framework of these very distinct traditions into an integrative approach to my work with clients. Thereby, making our work together interactive, creative and dynamic.

What you should know

As your therapist, I will facilitate the exploration of your challenges, by providing a safe, nurturing and enlivened space to work in. I bring many years of diverse and enriched experience into the room. We will work together, helping you achieve your highest potential and guide you towards integrative awareness of mind, body, and spirit. We will work together to creating new pathways towards potential growth and change.

My passion for this work is relational partnering, working together to shift negative patterns and blocks into transformational movement and balance.

Feeling better and making changes in your life does not have to be hard and certainly is not impossible!